The Infinite Hourglass by Paul Tausch






Möbius once again darkens the landscape of peaceful Orneth, bringing with him both a vendetta and newly developed heavy artillery. Smoldering with anger after the defeat he suffered years earlier that left his compound a radioactive wasteland, he has schemed and returned with an army and a plan. Möbius is targeting the Artifex Temporis; the key to both time travel and his nefarious plans for control, and in his madness, wants to exact revenge all along the way. 


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The Story that Launched a Series...

The Distant Eye began as a simple manga with the goal of incorporating containing complex ideas into simple comic book style.  Initially more graphics than text, the concept morphed into a novel tailored for young readers that subtly combined introductions to philosophical concepts such as objectivist epistemology and existentialism, intertwined with literary devices, such as deus ex machina, metaphysics, and science to form the foundation that would support a story stretching over serial iterations - an open and timeless construct within which to build a story. 

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The Distant Eye by Paul Tausch